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I came to join the course because my friend told me that there is a prominent Islamic scholar coming to teach and I do not know anything about him, and I do not know anything about SimplyIslam. But I just joined just to figure out what Islam is about. Alhamdulillah it totally changed my entire life perspective. The courses is amazing. It’s superb. I really recommend like every single one who’s searching or wanting to know more about Islam to join the course because I found Islam through SimplyIslam.
Nur Khairin Mohamed Shah

It exceeded my expectations. I miss Shaykh, the classes and the company so dearly.
Muhammad Fawaz, Trainee Teacher, National Institute of Education

The course has been inspiring. Everything was excellent.
Haziq Halim

I have been extremely blessed that Allah has given me a chance to join the course and I have learnt so much more in these few months compared to my 14 years of schooling. It has met my expectations and I have nothing but praise for my teachers.
Munirah Bashir

I didn’t have high expectations when I first came; mainly because I registered for the course last minute. I expected it to be a typical madrasah class but in the end it blew me away! I feel like my life has changed after this course. Thank you.
Al-Husna Student

The contents and lecture delivery exceeded expectations. I enjoyed all the modules that were delivered. This course is a very good foundation for serious seekers of knowledge to pursue Islamic Studies part-time.
Al-Husna Student

MasyaAllah. I can’t put it into words. At times the lesson gets too exciting, you just want the lesson to go on throughout the night.
Nurul Hudha Roslie

Yes. It’s an eye-opener, an enjoyable experience. Don’t mind repeatting the modules all over again.
Sayf Nizam

The Al husna course has been an eye opener for me. It was the best 5 months that I’ve ever had this year! I’ve learnt a lot of essential stuffs which I do not know of before joining this course.
Tasneem Raheel

Joining the Al-Husna course is one of the great blessings in my life. When Shaykh Ahmad Saad speaks about the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, he becomes an actual real person and not a historical figure from 1400 years ago. He sallallahu alaihi wasallam comes alive and relevant and dearly missed. That’s what a good teacher does. In today’s language, I would say each lesson gives me “all the feels”.
Ameera Begum, Editor

I first came to know of Shaykh Ahmad Saad a few years ago when SimplyIslam organized a series of lectures delivered by him. From the outset, it was evident that he was a scholar of vast knowledge and boundless energy. He is one of the few scholars from the Middle East, and particularly from Al-Azhar University, whom I know to be fluent in both Arabic and English. This, together with his excellence as a teacher and spiritual guide makes him highly sought after across the world. He could be in Asia one week, Europe or Africa the following week, and North America the week thereafter. Hopefully his increasing popularity around the globe will not mean that we see less of him in Singapore!

/ Since then, I have attended and benefited from several modules of his Al Husna course as well as numerous lectures and discourses given by him. With his enthusiasm and cheery disposition, he is able to impart his knowledge in a manner which the student is able to understand and benefit from. If one has questions or doubts of any issues, he would patiently discuss the same with the student.

/ In this age of tribulation and confusion, it is essential that we seek knowledge from teachers that not only are equipped with the traditional sources of spiritual knowledge, but able to relate it to the modern world that we live in. Shaykh Ahmad Saad is such a scholar and I would highly recommend anyone who seeks an understanding of religion especially in relation to the world we live in to attend his classes.
Faizal Ashraf, Lawyer, Singapore